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In response to the growing demand for protection from emergency situations, we have designed and manufactured a wide-range of safety-related products. From first response inflatable shelters to emergency escape masks, Vinyl Technology has the experience and capabilities to manufacture these items within budget, on time and of top quality. Here just a couple of examples

Portable Protection  · Emergency Escape Masks

Portable Protection
Whether you are a hospital in need of additional decontamination or isolation capabilities, an airport looking to contain the threat of an unexpected incident, or a fire department looking to protect its first responders from unknown dangers; we manufacture the shelters to meet your requirements. Benefits include Rapid Deployment, Lightweight and Durable, Expandable Capabilities and Chemical Resistant Construction

Emergency Escape Masks
Providing optimum visibility and a supply of fresh air in dangerous situations such as fire and smoke are the critical benefits of emergency escape masks. Such masks and hoods manufactured by Vinyl Technology have placed the company at the vanguard of safety-related products.

Whatever your custom product requirements may be, we are ready to exceed your highest expectations.

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