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Military / Aerospace

Humvee Covers, Waterbags, Canteens, Equipment Covers, Vehicle Covers, Streamers and ETC.

Because of our wide ranging capabilities, we are an ideal partner for your large-scale government or military contracts. Our pricing is based on accurately customizing a product to required specifications while ensuring the highest level of quality standards. Listed here are some of our uniquely manufactured items.

Night Vision Equipment Accessories  · Chemical Weapons DPE  · AIR-FED Garments  · Micro Climate Vests  · Space Shuttle Program

Night Vision Equipment Accessories
One of the many rewarding projects undertaken by our Sewing Department involves cases and accessories used with night vision equipment, for enhanced strategic night operations.

The goggle's assemblies include a chinstrap assembly, several adjustable straps, and browpads designed for optimal fit and comfort. The cases are fabricated with a complex assembly of pockets, special hardware and webbings to accommodate the goggles, batteries, spare lenses, and miscellaneous parts. We also manufacture a variety of soft cases with expanded styrene inserts to locate and protect its components.

Chemical Weapons DPE
Vinyl Technology has been highly commended by the federal government for our contribution to the success of the Chemical Weapons Demilitarization program.

When safety personnel at the demilitarization sites make scheduled and emergency entries into "hot" areas, they wear these chemical protective ensembles. Each suit contains a backflow protection valve and high-visibility hood. Since the suits must perform flawlessly, overpressure and pressure decay tests prove reliability in every suit we manufacture.

AIR-FED Garments
Meeting the comfort and protection requirements for air-fed garments worn in areas of radioactive contamination provided a particular challenge. A variety of molded parts and subassemblies must meet rigid inspection criteria and rigorous testing in the garment design for use at the Dept. of Energy's nuclear plants.

Micro Climate Vests
Operator comfort is critical to the success of the military's various campaigns, so we are particularly proud of our involvement in the manufacture of the U.S. Army's Micro-Climate Vests. These items, worn by tank personnel in gruelingly hot environments, are lightweight and distribute airflow to the upper torso of the wearer. Special flex hoses attach to the tank's cooling system and feed fresh air to the operator.

Space Shuttle Program
The company is also actively involved in the space program. For many years Vinyl Technology has manufactured a complex system of water bags used in every Space Shuttle launch. The product’s purpose is to dampen the vibration originated by the SRB's during ignition which could damage the special tiles used during re-entry from space.

Vinyl Technology currently has several multiyear contracts with prime and subcontractors in the military and aerospace industries. Whatever your custom product requirements may be, we are ready to exceed your highest expectations.

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