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Blood Pressure Cuffs, Mattress Overlays, Wheelchair Cushions, Low Air-loss Mattresses, Ostomy Bags, OEM Machine Bladders (Air and Fluid), etc.

These examples of seemingly simple devices are often subjected to strenuous and frequent use conditions. Fabrication must meet stringent material and durability requirements. Made of specially formulated materials, the manufacturing process of these often oversized items highlights the impressive welding area of our heat-sealing equipment. Our diverse experience in the medical field is adept at meeting the needs of quality-sensitive customers such as in the medical and wound care arena.

We also manufacture complex medical devices requiring fail-proof functionality for multiple components such as the Antishock Trousers. These trousers wrap around the patient's waist and legs. When the three internal bladders are inflated, the system becomes pressurized, forcing blood to the vital organs and helping prevent the patient from going into shock. The system includes removable air bladders made of heavy-duty vinyl, which snap into place, a foot pump for quick and easy inflation, independent shut-off valves, and overpressure valves. The trousers come complete in a handy tote bag, with custom printing for identification.

All items are manufactured in compliance with GMP's. Whatever your custom product requirements may be, we are ready to exceed your highest expectations.

    Certified Quality Management System - ISO 9001:2008