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DRIGUARD® Environmental Containers

Flexible, Zippered Plastic Containers Custom Made to Prevent Corrosion and Contamination

In storage and shipping of large machinery and precision equipment sensitive to dust, moisture, and other environmental damage, preventing corrosion can make a critical difference in avoiding product failure. Protective metal containers or spray-on coating can be costly and difficult to apply. DRIGUARD® Environmental Containers offer a versatile, economical alternative. Vinyl Technology custom designs these low-cost, light-weight, low-cube containers for a variety of uses.

Made to customer specifications from plastic barrier materials, DRIGUARD® containers offer low water vapor transmission rates and allow relative humidity to be easily designated, monitored, and maintained. This is accomplished by the use of bagged desiccant (such as silica gel), nitrogen flush or dynamic dehumidification. Desiccant is recommended for shipping and storage for up to six months. For indefinite storage, a mechanical (or dynamic) dehumidifier is recommended with desiccant as a failsafe factor. A dynamic installation is easy to set up and allows accurate dryness levels to be monitored at low cost.

From whole missiles to electronic components, machine tools to aircraft and rocket engines, to spare parts and supplies; DRIGUARD® flexible containers preserve products individually or, with through-container bolts, can be joined to standard pallets and specialized mounts.

Design Parameters  · Cost Advantages  · DRIGUARD® Environmental Containers

Design Parameters
DRIGUARD® Environmental Containers are accessible, reusable, and repairable. Design of DRIGUARD® containers focuses on degree of protection required as well as type and duration of storage and/or shipping. It can also include special features desired such as inspection windows, humidity indicators, pressure relief valves, etc. Containers are fabricated by heat-sealing lap weld seams with nominal gluing.

Cost Advantages
Custom-made DRIGUARD® Environmental Containers can be purchased at lower initial cost than rigid container systems. Shipping costs are lower because containers conform to product shape and minimize cubic footage and also because the containers can reship flat. Zippered easy access eliminates special equipment costs. Minimum desiccant is required. DRIGUARD® containers are easily repairable in the field. The Air Force saved almost $800,000 in one year alone to ship and store jet engines by using DRIGUARD® containers.

DRIGUARD® Environmental Containers
  • Protect Equipment in a Low-Humidity, Dust-Free Environment
  • Slash Costs of Controlled Humidity Storage
  • Are Accessible, Reusable, and Field Repairable
  • Hold Up To Extreme Weathering Conditions
  • Can Be Inflated or Evacuated, Statically or Dynamically Dehumidified
  • Can Be Shipped or Stored Flat When Not In Use
  • Come with an Unconditional One-Year Warranty
Whatever your custom product requirements may be, we are ready to exceed your highest expectations.

    Certified Quality Management System - ISO 9001:2008