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Custom Printing and Dipping

Our extensive printing capabilities include multiple color silk-screening utilizing automated equipment as well as complete service of standard and special inks. We also offer Hot Stamping, a process to highlight or add brilliance to a company logo or any image you wish to draw attention to on your product's surface. 

Our Hot Stamping equipment features several machines with a maximum stamping area of 10 inches x 15 inches. Through our print capabilities, you can bring the product to final completion without having to deal with an additional vendor for these ancillary manufacturing processes. We also offer extensive plastisol dipping and molding services.

Whatever your custom product requirements may be, we are ready to exceed your highest expectations.

Capabilities  · Materials  · Additional Information


Max. Stamping Area

10 x 15 in

Printing Capabilities

Semi-Automated Silk Screen stations
Hot Stamping
RF Embossing


Air-fed Garment

Antishock Trouser

Chemical Weapons DPE

Collapsible Tank

Commercial Products

DCS Specialty Cover

DRIGUARD® Environmental Container


Hydro Bronc

NBC Protection

Night Vision Equipment Accessories

Ostomy Bags

Target Balloon


Ultra Violet Curing Reactor Oven
Pneumatic Euro-Spec flatbed screen printer
Hot Stamp 3" x 6"

  • ABS
  • Acrylic (All Colors)
  • Acrylic Hinges
  • Acrylic Mirror
  • Acrylic Polishes
  • Acrylic Solvents
  • Acrylite®
  • Aircraft Grade Materials
  • Aluminum*
  • AR Acrylic (Abrasion Resistant)
  • Butyrate
  • Clay*
  • Coroplast®
  • CPE
  • Cyrolon®
  • Composites
  • Extrusions
  • Flame Retardant Materials
  • Fiberglass*
  • Hi Impact Styrene
  • Hyzod®
  • Komatex®
  • Kydex®
  • Latex*
  • Lexan®
  • Lucite®
  • Metals*
  • Milspec Materials
  • Mirror
  • MR-10®
  • Novus Polish®
  • PETG®
  • PET®
  • Plastic Polishes
  • Plexiglas ®
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyurethane Films
  • PVC
  • Royalite®
  • Silicone*
  • Sintra®
  • Starboard®
  • Strapping Material
  • Styrene
  • Urethane Coated Fabrics
  • Urethane Foam*
  • Vinyl Films
  • Vinyl Coated Fabrics
  • Wood*
  • Webbing Material
  • Solvent Base Ink
  • UV Curing Ink

  • Additional Information

    Industries Served

    Extreme Sports

    Military / Aerospace



    Department of Defense
    Department of Navy
    Department of Energy
    Acquisition Center
    United Space Alliance
    U.S. Army
    U.S. Air Force
    Lockheed Skunkworks
    Washington DeMil

    Quality Policy

    We at VINYL TECHNOLOGY and UNIVERSAL PLASTIFAB are dedicated to meeting our customers’ requirements, continually improving our processes and ensuring we provide:
    • Quality Product
    • On Time Delivery
    • Excellent Customer Service


    ·  Custom Printing

    ·  Automated Silk Screen Machine

    ·  Automated Silk Screen Machine

    ·  UV Dryer Machine

    ·  UV Dryer Machine


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        Certified Quality Management System - ISO 9001:2008