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Vinyl & Plastic Heat Sealing

Heat Sealing (a.k.a. RF Sealing, RF welding. Di-Electric Sealing) is the process of joining thermoplastic films using radio frequency energy. The RF energy is directed through electrodes (dies) shaped to the desired configuration of the finished product. This makes RF Sealing the most versatile of the plastic sealing methods. One constraint of this method, however, is that there are limited materials which can be welded with RF.  Acceptable materials are primarily vinyls (PVC), ether and ester-based urethanes (PU), and chlorinated polyethylene (CPE). These materials are often coated or laminated onto substrates for additional strength and versatility.

With over 40 RF machines and its arsenal ever growing, VTI ...

Industrial Sewing

With over 100 machines and the human power to support the machinery, we are experienced and knowledgeable to meet any demand for quality industrial, medical and military sewing services. Our in-house capabilities include several computer programmable sewing machines, which incorporate state-of-the-art technology and the latest methodologies for maximum results. As part of our fulfillment, our clients have access to a full range of equipment that cover every kind of machine stitch type. These types include heavy-duty equipment for cargo straps and leather applications, light-duty equipment for parachute fabrics and insulation blankets and everything else in-between.

Whatever your custom product requirements may be, we are ...

Custom Printing and Dipping

Our extensive printing capabilities include multiple color silk-screening utilizing automated equipment as well as complete service of standard and special inks. We also offer Hot Stamping, a process to highlight or add brilliance to a company logo or any image you wish to draw attention to on your product's surface. 

Our Hot Stamping equipment features several machines with a maximum stamping area of 10 inches x 15 inches. Through our print capabilities, you can bring the product to final completion without having to deal with an additional vendor for these ancillary manufacturing processes. We also offer extensive plastisol dipping and molding services.

Whatever your custom product requirements may ...

CAD/CAM & Die Cutting

Vinyl Technology has hundreds of feet of cutting tables, which allow us to meet the needs of large volume orders of the medical, military, extreme sports and safety industries. In addition, we feature multiple CAD/CAM cutting tables with hot and cold cutting capabilities. Expert die cutting services are also available utilizing clicker machines with capacity of up to 75 tons and cutting areas up to 29 in x 68 in. Capabilities also include hot and cold strip cutting machines with straight and angle cutting.

If your design specifications should call out a part that can be die cut, we can do it. Why deal with the hassle of sending parts to two or three different shops when we can do it all right ...
Sonobond - Ultrasonic Welder

Vinyl & Plastic Ultra Sonic Welding

Often referred to as the sewing machine-style for bonding non-polarized fabrics and films, this is an optimal solution for continuous length applications such as tubing, liners, blankets and etc.

Ultrasonic welding is an industrial technique whereby high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations are used to weld objects together, usually plastics or vinyl, and especially for joining dissimilar materials.  This type of welding is used to build assemblies that are too small, too complex or too delicate for more common welding techniques.  In ultrasonic welding, there are no connective bolts, nails, soldering materials or adhesives necessary to bind the materials together.  If this core Vinyl Technology service proves ...

Engineering & Design Services

In order to properly and cost-effectively manufacture any product, the first step is to employ professional and seasoned design services. At Vinyl Technology, we pride ourselves in our in-house design capabilities. From the simple to multi-functional complex situations, our team is experienced and highly qualified to handle all of your pre-production and mid-production product design needs. 

The company is fully networked with CAD-CAM stations utilizing the latest technology equipment, including digitizing, plotting and cutting services. All of our patterns are digitized for efficiency and reproducibility, allowing immediate processing and alterations when necessary. Our engineering team will ...


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